Buttermilk, Bloomers and Beaches; A California Memoir 1846 to 1946
Xlibris, 2002. ISBN-13: 978-1401071943.

This memoir paints the journeys of four generations, set in motion in 1846 when Sharon's great grandmother, Jennie, was launched on top of feather beds to begin a covered wagon journey to the West.

Jennie's daughter, Alice, lived in Siam during the reign of Prince Chulalongkorn. Her son, Henry, searched for gold in Alaska. Sharon's grandfather, James, sailed Clipper ships around the Horn. Her aunt, Dorothy was born n San Francisco during the 1906 earthquake.

California shaped their pathways. Motion caused them to question their lives. This memoir is about the West Coast before television, when families described their own adventures. Sharon grew up listening to the family stories about sailing ships and the 'Red Car', of a baby left in a basket and about cooking rice and curry. Out of these stories emerged this memoir…a hundred years of living in California when it was a 'star struck' beach-playful place.